(Court) Witch Hazelwood

Arcane Adviser to the Throne.


Corbanite Witch of the Third Circle
Order of the Black Hat
Arcane Adviser to the Volsburg Throne

Social Rank: Third Circle Witch (equivalent to a Countess)
Military Rank: None
Identity: Female (Early thirties)
Nationality: Born in Volsburg, schooled in Crowhaven.
Profession: Witch / Philosopher

Personal Traits:
- Beatrix is a kind and welcoming figure in the halls of power, always eager to speak with people who seek her council. This has made he popular with many of the younger members of the Royal court, who find her much more approachable than the other (significantly less friendly) members of the court elite.
- Despite being a devout Witch, Beatrix is public in her support of science, experimentation and steampunk culture. She is known to include steampunk fashion accessories in her wardrobe, and has served as an advocate for Covens educating their young acolytes in the sciences.
- As an adviser, Beatrix is unique in her preference to consult with other experts before offering any advice to the throne. While some in the court view this as a lack of confidence in her own abilities, others suggest that it is refreshing to have at least one adviser who doesn’t just assume that they know best.

Known Skills and Abilities:
- Beatrix is, first and foremost, a trained courtier from the Order of the Black Hat.
- She is also an Earth Witch of the Third Circle, meaning in terms of Elemental Mastery she is considered to be in the top 25% of all Witches in her Order when it comes to Earthen Disciplines.
- She is capable of levitating herself or other small objects, flight over mid-to-long distances, and has publically displayed the ability to make small objects implode. It is rumoured that this is not the limit of her magical prowess, but that (possibly in keeping with the Witch tradition of humbleness) she does not choose to show off these powers to others.


- Born in one of the outer Forts of Volsburg, she showed an aptitude for Earth Magics while she was very young, and so she was sent to school in Crowhaven.
- King Franz did not have a court mage, but Queen Lucinda saw fit to invite the Corbanites to sent her an adviser for arcane matters. (It has been whispered that they were expecting the Corbanites to send Blue Robe scholar, and that having a Black Hat arrive instead was met with some displeasure in the Court.)

History with the Party:
- ???

(Court) Witch Hazelwood

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