(Court) Dr Klumbrecht

The Infamous Doctor Grey.


Science Adviser to the Volsburg Throne
Doctor of Medicine (University of Noktor)
Doctor of Biochemistry (Bowman Institute)
Masters of Biology (Bowman Institute)
Bachelor of Sciences (University of Noktor)

Social Rank: Viscount (minor nobility)
Military Rank: None.
Identity: Male (early fifties)
Nationality: Born and educated in Noktor.
Profession: Experimental Scientist

Personal Traits:
- Highly educated but also intensely arrogant, Dr Klumbrecht makes little time for people he considers to be beneath him (which is pretty much everyone outside the Royal Court).
- Dr Klumbrecht represent all of the very worst stereotypes of Noktish scientists: he’s aloof, condescending, and assumes anyone who isn’t as smart as he is to be an idiot.
- An experimental scientist by preference, the Doctor instead spends the majority of his time studying recently published scientific papers in order to better advise the throne. This leaves him precious little time to spend in his laboratory.
- Despite his arrogance, he takes his duty very seriously, and when called upon to present his findings he does so in a clear, concise and professional manner.

Known Skills and Abilities:
- Has a broad knowledge of the current state of science in a variety of fields, and a very deep knowledge of his own fields of Medicine and Biochemistry.
- He served the former King not only as his science adviser, but later as his on-staff medical professional for the duration of his terminal illness.
- Due to his oath as a medical professional, he also serves for several hours a week at the University Hospital, where he performs and assists with emergency surgical procedures.


- Born and raised in Noktor the a minor noble house, Dr. Klumbrecht moved to Volsburg early in the reign of King Franz, where he petitioned the court to serve as a medical researcher at the University. Although he was not given a scholarly tenure, the King instead set him up in the palace as an advisor and researcher. (It has never been clear exactly what research Claude was conducting was of such interest to the King.)
- Claude was also charged with serving as personal science tutor to the young Princess, which is where he garnered the nickname “Dr. Grey”.

History with the Party:
- ???

(Court) Dr Klumbrecht

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