(Volsburg) Dan Larsh

A Sniper from the Southern Swampfolk.


Dan Larsh
Full Name: Danki Mandleson Larsh

Social Rank: None (Uneducated Commoner)
Military Rank: None in Volsburg
Identity: Male (mid-thirties)
Nationality: Thuni
Profession: Frontiersman

Personal Traits:
- In the interview Dan came off as a bit uncultured, but despite that he offered insights and opinions that were just as well considered as anyone else present. He showed himself to be practical, but tended to approach each question from a very different direction that the others present.

Known Skills and Abilities:
- Doesn’t fancy himself a hand-to-hand fighter.
- Can his a near-bullseye from over a hundred meters with a quickly aimed crossbow bolt.
- Has no idea how to use a tea set, but speaks politely and respectfully to people.


- Unknown, but given his manner and his skills, one must suspect he’s probably from the Thuni swamp-country.

History with the Party:
- Participated in the same examination group as NicK, Cyril and Dalhia.

(Volsburg) Dan Larsh

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