(Court) Lord Ashakura

Chancellor to Her Royal Highness


Chancellor of the Royal Court of Volsburg
Political Adviser to Queen Lucinda (and King Franz)
Provost of the Exchequer’s Office

Social Rank: Duke
Military Rank: None officially, but authorizes all military expenses.
Identity: Male (late forties)
Nationality: Born in the Imperial Lands.
Profession: Courtier & Accountant

Personal Traits:
- Lord Ashakura is a consummate politician, and proud of it.
- Well known for providing vague and boring interviews with the press, Dio remains a sought-after guest for any social function in Volsburg, since his attendance is seen as a precursor (and pre-requisite) to her Majesty attending anything.
- Since her coronation, Queen Lucinda has never been seen in public without Lord Ashakura near at hand. Some view this as a sign of her reliance on his council.

Known Skills and Abilities:
- Dio has been playing the games of politics at the highest international levels for most of his adult life. And by reputation, he is very good at it.
- He served as an ambassador and adviser under King Franz, and now serves as the Chancellor of Her Majesty’s court, making him the second most powerful political figure in Volsburg next to Queen Lucinda herself.
- Currently runs the office of the Exchequer in addition to his other duties, meaning he authorizes expenses and government funds.


- Dio’s service was given to King Franz by one of the Imperial Princes of the Kangsu Dynasty during Franz’s first international visit to the Empire almost thirty years ago.
- He was knighted after five years of service, given an Earldom after twelve, and (to the surprise of many) was named a Duke shortly before the King’s death. This make Dio, a foreign-born man of unknown lineage, one of the highest ranking nobles in the Kingdom.

History with the Party:
- Hosted the first phase of the Marquesman Competition along with her Highness and General Kastulgar.
- Hosted the second phase of the Competition himself, where he asked the competitors a series of questions regarding their service to the nation and to the throne.

(Court) Lord Ashakura

Marque of the Hunters Marque