(Court) General Castulgar

General of the Volsburg Defence Force


General Commander of the Volsburg Defense Force

Social Rank: Duchess
*Military Rank: General Commander (2nd in command to the throne)
Identity: Female (mid thirties, but looks older)
Nationality: Volsburg born and raised.
Profession: Soldier and Monster Hunter.

Personal Traits:
- A no-nonsense woman who has devoted her life to the service of her country
- Shows little favouritism, even to her younger sister.
- Has been known to be overly candid in social situations, which has sometimes offended some of the ‘softer’ members of nobility.
- Has been public about her lack of faith in firearms as a long-term military option, and it has been her policy to increase crossbow proficiency amongst ranger units rather then encouraging firearm use. This has resulted in some labelling her a luddite, particularly when placed in contrast with her sister Patricia.

Known Skills and Abilities:
- Has been trained to proficiency with every weapon used in the Volsburg arsenal, but is primarily known for her skill with blades, spears and bows.
- Has participated in several of the largest Monster Hunts in Volsburg history, including the infamous Lychanwolf Cull of 121(AS) where she was credited with killing at least two of the beasts in personal combat.
- Most of her visible scars are the result of an ambush during a hunt when she was a teenager, where she engaged a Marsh Salamander (K3) single-handedly while her ranger team evacuated the injured. Its caustic blood left severe scarring over the entire right-hand side of her body, including her face.


- Eldest daughter of the late General Walter Castulgar, Leona grew up in the military.
- Because her father began grooming her to take his place from a young age, she has served in each of the military divisions before being allowed to serve in command. She has been a boot-on-the-ground soldier in several monster hunts, as well as a city guard and an air-patrol ranger.
- She briefly served King Franz as his military adviser, but wasn’t promoted to General until her father retired following the King’s death.
- Despite the extensive decoration (and equally extensive set of scars) she has received in the line of duty, there are a few amongst the nobility that suggest her post is due less to her qualifications and more to her family’s long history with the Gerhart family.

History with the Party:
- Oversaw the first phase of the Marquesman Competition with Her Highness and Lord Ashakura.
- Gave a rousing speech about how it was not her job to be nice, and how if people didn’t impress her they would be shown the door.

(Court) General Castulgar

Marque of the Hunters Marque