(Court) Queen Lucinda

The Young Queen of Volsburg


Queen of Volsburg (Eighth Monarch of the Gerhart Line)
Daughter of Franz Gerhart, King of Volsburg
and Her Highness Doctor Lennore Auldyne (M.D, Ph.D) of Noktor

Social Rank: Queen of Volsburg
Military Rank: Royal Admiral of the Volsburg Defense Force
Public Identity: Female (17 years old)
Profession: Monarch.

Personal Traits:
- A public figure for over a decade, she maintains a stoic and reserved manner in court.
- Various news articles published about her suggest that she lacks the bold manner that exemplified her parents rule, suggesting she has a timid nature unfit for the queen of a growing nation.
- She has done her best to continue her father’s legacy of patronage, though since his death the number of scholars seeking positions in Volsburg has sharply decreased.

Known Skills and Abilities:
- A decade in the public eye has made her a consummate professional in matters of court.
- Her father was a renowned patron of the sciences as well as an accomplished monster-hunter. Her mother was both a Doctor of Neuroscience and an internationally acclaimed athlete, who held several international track and field titles. Lucinda herself is known neither for her intellect nor her physical prowess.


Personal History:
- The only child of her family.
- Her mother was killed in an airship accident when she was 10.
- Took the throne at the age of 15 after death of her father (following a two-year battle with Black Lung Syndrome).
- Raised from her early youth to serve her nation. Made her public ‘debut’ at 5 years old, attending her father’s court and her mother’s social functions on a daily basis.

History with the Party:
- Oversaw the first phase of the Marquesman selection tournament.

(Court) Queen Lucinda

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