(Palace) Patricia Castulgar

The Queen's Champion and oldest pal.


Personal Champion to the Queen of Volsburg
(Semi-official Morale and Recruitment Officer)

Social Rank: Duchess
Military Rank: Lieutenant (Currently assigned to the Royal Guard)
Identity: Female (Age 21)
Nationality: Volsburg born and raised.
Profession: Soldier & Military Morale Officer

Personal Traits:
- In stark contrast toher sister the General, Patty is a gear-head steampunk. She is the first in line when it comes to equipment modifications, well known for the steam-powered plate suit that she parades in during festivals, as well as the tricked-out Alchemical Greatsword she carries when patrolling the city walls.
- Patricia’s photogenic personality (and equally photo-friendly physique, if we’re honest) has made her the literal poster-girl for the Volsburg Military. Her placement on the outer wall is just as much PR as it is anything else, and she has leave from the brass to take photo-plates and talk with any (non-press) civilians she encounters to promote enlistment and encourage a positive public image for the military.

Known Skills and Abilities:
- Patty is a born Dreadnaught. She wears the heaviest armour, carries the heaviest weapons, and doesn’t fancy a shield. Most stories about her in combat with Monsters include the phrase “and then Patty just waded on in with her fancy humming sword”.
- She patrols the entire length of the outermost wall of the city for no less than eight hours a day in heavy plate armour on foot, stopping only to speak with tourists and eat her lunch.
- Serves in the role of “Queen’s Champion”. In the instance that her highness was to issue a challenge to personal combat for some reason, or in the instance that another national leader presented such a challenge, it is the Champion’s duty to serve as her Majesty’s surrogate in the action of combat. Basically, anyone who wants to pick a fight with the Queen is actually picking a fight with Patricia, which even on the surface is a terrible idea.
- Patricia won the title in an open competition. Unfortunately, it was a competition being judged by the Queen and the General, which has made whispered accusations of nepotism inevitable.


- Being the only other girl around Lucinda’s age living in the palace, she and Patty were playmates for much of their youth.
- The second child of General Walter Castulgar, Patty is a decade younger than her sister due to their mother’s difficulty in conceiving a second child.
- Despite the difference in their ages, Leona and Patty are very close as adults. This hasn’t always been true, and in Patty’s teenage years the two were notorious for butting heads in public anytime Patty was out of uniform.
- At 17, she participated in the Lychanwolf Cull alongside her sister and the late King Franz, serving as Princess Lucinda’s personal guard in the camp, as well as a hunter in the field. (Much to her chagrin, she isn’t credited with any kills and doesn’t really like to talk about it.)

History with the Party:
- ???

(Palace) Patricia Castulgar

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