(Court) Theodore Lidwright

Court scribe and historian.


Scribe to the Volsburg Royal Court
Archivist and Historian to the Gerhart Line

Social Rank: None (Educated Peasant)
Military Rank: None
Identity: Male (early forties)
Nationality: Volsburg born and raised.
Profession: Court Scribe, Archivist and Historian.

Personal Traits:
- Theodore comes across as a fairly nice person. A bit bookish, and easily distracted when not set at his work, but nice.
- Theodore’s admiration for King Franz is obvious any time he speaks about the late king, and his respect for the present Queen is equally clear.
- Theodore is detail oriented in his recording and archiving, much to the annoyance of some of the other courtiers who regularly attend court, whose actions he diligently notes down from his place in the corner of the room.

Known Skills and Abilities:
- Theodore has an impressive command of the Royal Library and the archives there. He is second to none when it comes to locating news and photoplate archives reaching all the way back to the birth of the steam age, as well as the written archives that reach back to the founding of Volsburg. If it happened in this city and anyone wrote it down, Theodore will probably know where to look for it.
- Theodore has had sixteen articles published in print, as well as three books (all of them archives of historical documents with footnotes).
- His most famous and widely read work was the touching and reverent obituary that he wrote for the late Queen Lennore (Franz’s wife) who died in an airship crash in 119AS. The obituary was published in several international news sheets, and was generally considered “the” version that people read and remembered.
- While he wields nearly no influence in the court, he knows practically everyone who attends there, and works very closely with Her Majesty on a daily basis in his duties as archivist.


- Born in Volsburg, Theodore was one of the many who benefited from the public schooling initiatives set out by King Robert, father of King Franz.
- After he completed his schooling, he went to work in the palace as a clerk in the office of the exchequer, and then later as a scrivener assisting the previous court scribe. When that scribe left the King’s service Theodore begged his majesty King Franz to be allowed to continue to serve under the next scribe. Franz accepted, and instructed Theodore to keep up with the nessessary duties to provide a smooth transition to the next Scribe. Eight months later, Franz decided no new scribe was needed, and that Theodore seemed to be fine doing the job. He has been serving the Gerharts ever since.

History with the Party:
- ???

(Court) Theodore Lidwright

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