(Volsburg) Ha Gao

A Master from the Order of the Nine Truths


Ha Gao
(This is a formal title, literally meaning “The Five”)

Full Name: Unknown
Social Rank: Master in a northern Monastic/Religious Order (Clergy?)
Military Rank: None in Volsburg
Identity: Male (thirties?)
Nationality: Imperial
Profession: Monster Hunter (?)

Personal Traits:
- Has taken an Oath not to speak to those he does not respect.
- He wears little, and carries little with him.
- He is obviously a proud man, both of his skill and the reputation they earn him.

Known Skills and Abilities:
- Was able to destroy a bale of hay from a distance of ten meters using his bare hands. Whispers suggest that he used some manner of northern sorcery.
- Is capable of lifting two to three hundred pounds with one arm, with little effort. It also capable of (and practiced in ) dismantling a body with his bare hands.
- Fought a wererat unarmed and unarmoured, and appears to have killed it with his bare hands.


- Unknown.

History with the Party:
- Participated in the Marquemen Exam.
- Travelled with the party out to hunt Bhazri.
- Took internal organs from the two Bhazri the party killed.
- Showed up when Ellie and Dalhia chased down the wererat, but didn’t aid them in fighting it. Rather, he waited until their fight was over, and the wererat had made a run for it before taking off after it himself.
- Showed up at the airship rendezvous with the wererat’s head.
- When he found out that they didn’t have to be marquesmen to hunt monsters, the monks left the palace.
- Before leaving, Ha Gao gifted the heart of a Bhazri to the Queen, that she may eat it and grow stronger.

(Volsburg) Ha Gao

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