The Crowish City States


This area is known as the Crowish Region due to the widespread presence influence of the Corbanite Orders in these city-states.  Many of the city-states in question surround the southern tip of the Black Forests, each having carved out a culturally and ethnically unique place for itself in an effort to drive back the encroaching Wilderness. 

City-States in this Region
(in order of Size & Population)

Crowhaven - the home of the Corbanites
Noktor – the birthplace of modern science
Arshok – the bastion of the Dreadnaughts
Pilhelem – the nation of coin and iron
Lyren – the regal courts of the Oathbound
Thune – the swamp of many riches
Volsburg – the kingdom between the mountains
Nhyll – the edge of the great plains

The Crowish City States

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